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The Rapture a Divine Escape - a Christian Church Novel

Jesus is coming again, because He Loves Us!


One day, the Graves will give up those who are in them!

Prophecy Alert!
Nukem Creek The Rapture! A Divine "Escape"
You'll not want to miss this Wedding Rception.

Book Synopsis:
Bruce William Penley has written an intriguing story about a fictitious town called "Nukem Creek." The reader should take note. This story could occur/unfold in cities and towns around the world at any moment.

Throughout Nukem Creek The Rapture, biblical truths are revealed about the Rapture of the Church as the characters, townspeople and a Marriage Rally going on outside the Court House, celebrating the changes to our marriage laws, are all invited to a birthday party on Mt. Hazlet - an awaking Volcano.

Nukem Creek, The Rapture! A Divine "Escape," really takes off when a preacher is arrested for preaching the gospel on a Nukem Creek street corner and ends up starting a revival in the Jail Holding Area - below the town's Court House - where an Officer snickered, "I suppose, you'll be asking for an offering next?"

It's a must-read for anyone hoping to escape the wrath of God.

Find Out Who Will Escape God's Wrath. Can Angels shut down a whole town? And why only one of the two Church Pastors in Nukem Creek is taken in the Rapture of the Church.

*This story points Readers to Jesus Christ and scriptures that will prepare them to meet Him before it's too late.

The first of the destiny trilogy is:
Nukem Creek The Rapture! A Divine Escape

The second is:
Nukem Creek The Tribulation! A Divine Rescue

And the third is:
Nukem Creek The Millennial! A Divine Rule

BRUCE WILLIAM PENLEY: is a Conservative Ordain Minister of the Gospel who seeks to serve Jesus Christ with all his heart. He has served Him as a Pastor, Assistant Pastor and as a Chaplain's Assistant, in the U.S. Army 5th Special Forces Group - A Green Beret Unit at Fort Bragg N.C...
He is a graduate of Tri-State Bible College, located in South Point Ohio, with a B.A. degree in Christian Education, and he is also a graduate of Marshall University, located in Huntington West Virginia, with a B.A. Degree, and he has one year of studies in their Graduate school of Counseling. He lives in Huntington West Virginia where he owns and operates Telvideo and Audio Productions - a Video Production & Publishing Studio, which produces Gospel Music Programs, Television Commercials, and Music Videos which air on YouTube and many other television channels around the country. He serves God through his business, church, and writing Christian Fiction Novels focusing on the truths found in The Bible, while he exercises the gift of Christian Evangelism in a discreet manner.

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The Rapture
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