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About US
Bruce William Penley
Hello! I'm, Bruce Penley, the owner of Telvideo & Audio Productions. Here's a little about us. It seems just a short time ago that Telvideo & Audio Productions was ushered into business. It's hard to know where to begin. But, here I go. If I may play the blame game, I'd have to blame my niece. You see, if she had not gotten married, I wouldn't have rented a video camera from The Pied Piper here in Huntington West Virginia and videotaped her wedding day.
In those days I managed a Production Company known as New Hope Promotions. Its function was promoting Gospel Music events in all types of venues: Churches, Field Houses, Parking lots, and State Parks. My wife, Brenda and my Son Bruce were the backbones of our Ministry/Company.
At one these events someone asked why I hadn't been filming these events for a record. I thought that was a great idea. So back to The Pied Piper I went. I purchased my first camera, and, I set it up as a stand-alone camera. During the very next event, someone asked for a copy of the program. At first, I just gave copies away. But then, as more & more people requested copies of these programs, I found it necessary to begin charging a small fee to cover the expenses for the new equipment, blank videotapes. And, not to mention the small royalty fees for the copies.
Now that we had great tapes of these events and more sophisticated cameras, sponsors began contributing money to New Hope Promotions so it could air these programs along with their business commercials. We Choose Channel 61 WTSF in Ashland KY to broadcast New Hope Promotions Presents. The Program aired for over five years. The majority of these broadcasts were produced within hundreds of Churches, The Chesapeake Flea Market, and Foodland Supermarket parking lots.
Shortly after New Hope Promotions left Channel 61 (WTSF), Day Star Broadcasting bought the Station, and New Hope Promotions became Telvideo & Audio Productions. The name change was made because our company went from non-profit to for-profit in order to pay taxes. You see, Jesus paid taxes.
Telvideo & Audio Productions has produced many Music Videos, Television Commercials, Video Animations, and Audio CDs which have aired throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, China and other parts of the World. Please see our Web Page for a list of video types.
We believe that there are only two reasons for our success.
1. Faith in the Master of the Universe: Jesus Christ, who has faithfully sent us some of the best clients anyone could ever ask for.
2. An honest work ethic. Never cheat clients, no matter what!!!! Note: If any of our clients are reading this, I would like to say, thank you for your faith, trust, and kindness.