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Video Production Services

Television Commercials YouTube Marketing Commercials Industrial Training Video Music Video Production Legal Video Production Wedding Video Production Church Event Production Theatrical Play Production Sports Promotional Video VHS/8mm Film/Transfer. Freelance Video Editing Video Duplication Video Graphics Video Logo Design

Audio Production Services:

Free Recording Oppertunity: Studio Recording Radio Commercials Karaoke Recording Jingle Creation Audio Editing Audio Transfer Audio Duplication

Photography Services:

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Audio Duplication & Graphics
All Duplication is completed in-house.
We may also help with distribution.

Telvideo provides full-service video duplication, ranging from small, quick turnarounds, to high volume projects. If this is your first disc order with Telvideo, we promise you that you will always receive the same unique attention to quality as all of our customers.

Audio Demo Duplication:
All CD duplication is completed in-house, this means real savings for everyone recording projects at Telvideo & Audio Productions. Here! Artists can record a project and have it duplicated for distribution. They may even duplicate a CD disc that was created in another studio.

Just need your discs Printed?
Discs Printed in bulk spindles of 25 or 50 discs ea...
CDs In Bulk Spindles:
#1 Spindle of 25 discs = 25 discs @ $1.20ea. Total $30.00
#2 Spindles of 50 discs = 100 discs @ $1.15ea. Total $115.00
#10 Spindles of 50 discs = 500 discs @ $1.10ea.Total $550.00
Copying an existing DVD label from your DVD is free.*

Just need your discs duplicated?
Discs duplicated in bulk spindles of 25 or 50 discs ea...
CDs In Bulk Spindles:
#1 Spindle of 25 discs = 25 discs @ $1.20ea. Total $30.00
#2 Spindles of 50 discs = 100 discs @ $1.15ea. Total $115.00
#10 Spindles of 50 discs = 500 discs @ $1.10ea.Total $550.00

Just need CD cases Printed?:
Includes cases and printed insert paper label.
#1 - 25 cases @ $1.30ea. Total $32.50
#2 - 100 cases @ $1.25ea. Total $125.00
#10 - 500 cases@ $1.20ea.Total $600.00
DVD insert label Re-Designed Graphics may be free.

Don't want printed Cases?
We have Three different types of cases that clients choose from.
1 Single Jewel Case $0.50

2 Single Slimline Case Cost $0.40

3 Un-printed Paper Sleves Cost $0.10
Case color may change without notice unless they are ordered on demand.
Don't see the case color or style you like? Talk with us.
There are hundreds of styles and colors.
We'll find the color and style you like, and only charge you the cost of the case,
the shipping charge, and a 10% surcharge.

NOTE: Below fees are added to the above.
Assembly fee for Slim line CD cases:
Inserting case label: $0.20 per case.
No Shrink Wrap is provided:

Editing Fee:$39.00 per hour
A client may need audio noise to be removed.

Mastering Fee: There May be a Mastering fee required for transferring Video from one media to another. For Example, Wav to mp3. Please call for Pricing and more info.

CD Graphic Re-Designed; $40.00.
Using the same info on an existing disc and adding a few additions/subtractions.
The Client must supply any new info.
The above is free with no additions/subtractions on orders of 300 CDs or more.

CD case design
includes color print on the front of the insert label and black print on the back. $250.00

UPS is used for long distance delivery.
Add $0.05 per item, plus shipping cost.
All prices subject to change without notice.
Typical lead time is 2 weeks, in a five day work week.
A 20% rush fee may be applied to orders required sooner.

A 20% discount is given to all artists recording their CD albums at Telvideo.

Call Us today! 304 529 4480.

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