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Audio Production - Editing
Could somebody please advise me, how I can use a name brand audio editing software to edit tracks that I have downloaded from iTunes? I want to make a CD, and I want to upload it to iTunes. The files that I downloaded are AIFF. I don't know the procedure.

Telvideo has heard that question before. That's why they have audio editors who work hard to help those with editing difficulty. Oh, that's not to say the person above couldn't learn how to edit. It's true. Everyone can edit if they want to put the time into learning. But, audio editing can be a bit tricky. Especially, when you've recorded something that you believe to be very important, and it contains audio that needs to be removed or something added, and you need to do it without damaging the whole Audio Track.

Notice the red in the photo.

That's the hiss you hear in head-phones

We, at Telvideo, have years of experience doing what the person above needs. Editing, or trimming sound bites from long files to create ringtones, reducing vocals from a music track, splicing together audio for radio broadcasts or podcasts is no problem. But, if you have difficulty recording voiceovers for your multimedia projects, restoring audio file by removing noise, hissing or hums, or normalizing the track levels of your audio file Telvideo is here.

But keep in mind, even though all the above is 100% true, there's still more to Professional editing than what has already been said. If you don't know the procedure, you can become completely lost in the so-called editing mix. There's more.

The red is gone!

Very little hiss in you head-phones

A professional editor knows when something doesn't sound right. But, this is only because of years of experience and not because of some program that can cut, past, or splice audio together. While that may good for the non-professional, the Professional editor strives for the very best sound that can be achieved. They only use programs to speed up the editing process. Think of a Professional Editor as some who can really play the piano - rather than someone who can only play chop-sticks...

Professional editors can edit audio in all these formats: mp3, wave, vox, gsm, WMA, AU, FLAC, And they can add audio effects such as application, normalizing, equalizing, reverb, echo, and reverse. Plus, professionals will have access to thousands of additional tools and effects that the non-professional will not even have the knowledge.

Here at Telvideo, we work with sample rates from 6 to 196kHz and stereo or mono, 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits. This is accomplished with multi-track audio mixing, and, we burn our finished tracks directly CD.

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