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Audio Transfer
Transfer for $1.85 per minute.

Minimum fee may apply.

Years ago audio was recorded onto Vinyl Records, Reel to Reel audio tapes, and onto Audio Cassette tapes. All these media have had their problems, and because of them, they all need to be transferred to a more stable media, if the people who have recorded them are going to enjoy their content once again.

Today, recordings can be found in many forms of digital media, for example, from Laptops to Cell Phones. Telvideo & Audio Productions has been a leader in transferring old audio to these media for their client's needs. And they have been doing this year after year without losing any of the original Audio belonging to their clients.

Now old cassettes, Vinyl Records & Reel to Reel Tape can be digitally re-mastered and burned onto a CD or a Flash Drive making it possible for you to hear them once again. You'll be able to play your old albums in your car, or on your computer, iPod, Laptop or download them onto other players in a snap.

So instead of selling those albums or cassettes in a yard sale or letting them gather dust in the closet, let us transfer them to a digital format. There's still time to enjoy them once again. You'll love them all over again! Listen to them in the digital format of your choosing, Mp3, Wav, or a format you like. Just let us know what you prefer.

At Telvideo & Audio Productions, we include stereo tack conversion and cover art, when possible, at no charge. In order for us to make your labels properly, please type out what you would like on them, such as (a reel to reel tape from your dad in vietnam), and send it to us with your shipment.
Transfer for $1.85 per min.
Minimum fee may apply.

Current Price List:
Minimum Fee $25.50, or $1.85 X 30min = $25.50
Audio Reel to Reel Tap Transfers $1.85 per minute.
Vinyl Records Transfers $1.85 per minute.
Audio Cassette Tap Transfers $1.85 per minute.
Audio data from other devices, cell phones, hard drives, usb flash drives, ...
S1.85 per minute.
Generic CDs, Case printing, and labels are generally free.
Transfer for $1.85 per min.
Minimum fee may apply.
Return Shipping and handling charges:
1-3 items, cassettes or reel to reel tapes..........$6.00
4-6 items, cassettes or reel to reel tapes..........$8.00
For more items than noted above, the cost for shipping will be the UPS rates plus $5.00 handling.

Telvideo & Audio Productions ships all customer orders by UPS, unless otherwise requested by the customer. If another method is requested, an extra charge will be added to the normal shipping and handling to cover any extra cost. Please make sure to ship your items properly. To prevent damage, please make sure to use a sturdy box and plenty of bubble wrap. The price of return shipping and handling includes a brand new box, as well as additional bubble wrap.

Please include your complete return shipping information with your order: Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone number, and email address

To avoid our handling fee, please purchase a return shipping label, and enclose it with your order.

Is It Legal to Transfer Copyrighted material? YES!!!!! It is important to note that copyright laws do apply. It is legal for an individual to transfer or have some else transfer a single copy for his or her own use, provided the originals are owned by the individual and are not leased or rented. It is not legal to make multiple copies. Telvideo & Audio Productions assumes that customers have gained a legal copy of materials sent to Telvideo & Audio Productions. Telvideo & Audio Productions transfers albums for personal use only. Unless you have a commercial copyright license, it is illegal to make more than one copy. Please Note: by shipping materials to Telvideo, the client admits to having ownership or permissions for transfer or duplication. Telvideo acts as a subcontractor/manufacturer and will not be held responsible for marketing fees including royalties, licensing agreements, taxes, or any other legal fees. It shall be incumbent upon the purchaser to be sure such matters are in order. Please read the disclaimers, terms, and conditions below.

Disclaimers, Terms, and Conditions.
The sender stipulates that he/she is the owner and/or have legally obtained permission to record the material that is being submitted for transfer. The sender further understands that he/she is only entitled to one CD copy per item if he or she is not the original artist or have permission to record. And moreover, if a home-made recording which was recorded from an original recording is submitted, and Telvideo & Audio Productions believe that the sender is not the owner or have legal permission to Transfer/record, they reserve the right, to decline the order, and all recordings will be returned to the sender. Any payment will be refunded, less the return shipping and handling charges.

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