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CD/DVD Blu-ray Menu & Graphic Disgns
Custom Packaging & Graphics Arts!

We do it right the first time.
When it comes to designing, labels, creating menus for CD/DVDs, Organizing Print for Broadcast television, Telvideo is well prepared to work in all these areas of media: Audio, Video, Print, and Photography. Anyone seeking our services will find a person who enjoys working and loves to see clients leave happy. That's Right. Happiness begins with our clients. It makes no difference if we're working on a Logo, Business Card, Menu design, or Door hangers. Our clients are "number one" around here.

Telvideo has produced TV programs and commercials for Banks, Schools, Steel Mills, Hospitals, Non-Profit Organizations, Political Organizations, and Attorneys. If you have looked over this website, you've already seen some of these commercials.

Perhaps, you have started a business, and it's growing, so you're looking for help Branding the business name. What about creating a mascot for your business - like a 3d bug, and use it in a commercial to introduce your business? See Our 3d page. Well, you'll get the Idea.

As Illustrators and Animators, we know that every project will have its own characteristics, so the client will need to guide us to create them. Because we work directly with our client, on a routine base, until the project is complete, they'll always get a job well done.
The process is simple, and, so is the pricing. Give us your sketch or drawing, and tell us how it is to be animated, and we will give you an estimate based on your directions.

Remember! At Telvideo we offer affordable pricing solutions for any budget large or small. Every design we complete is a custom design, and, a design, that will drive clients to your business. Developing client loyalty, and branding your business is what Telvideo will make happen.

Here are a few DVD and Blu-ray Menu Designs:
Deluxe DVD authoring: $499.00
Includes DVD encoding, one main DVD menu design, one scene selection menu design, with 2 - 10 custom chapter and play all button.

Deluxe Blu-ray authoring: $699.00
Includes up to 2 hours of Hi-Def video, and up to - 10 custom chapters,
one submenu, and a play all button.

Custom CD DVD packaging:
CD & DVD Graphic Design = $50.00
CD/DVD label Design = 50.00
Case label = $50.00 set-up: Front - Tray - Spine
Client supplies info.

Cost Per Disc:
Paper envelope: $0.10
Slimline case: $0.20
Jewel case: $0.20
Double case: $0.30

Disc assembly:
labeling Discs: $0.10
Disc insert: $0.05
Front art insert: $0.05
Tray art insert: $0.10
Shrink wrap: $0.15
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