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Copyright free Music The Rapture a Divine Escape - Book #1 Amazing Grace Ministries

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Copyright Free Music
Record any of our music absolutly free
You will never have to pay for any of our Music Tracks.

No! You're not dreaming. It's true!
When we say Telvideo's Soundtracks are absolutely free, we Mean They're "free" when you record any of the songs listed below or any we that agree to create for you.

This is not a gimmick or a scam. Let me share with you why we are doing this. By now you've looked over our page, and you've learned that the owner of Telvideo is a Christian, he believes in the soon return of The Lord Jesus Christ, and he is also a Minister of the Gospel. (See Amazing Grace Ministries or About Us in our menu)
Telvideo is well aware of your desire to serve the Lord in song and in The Spirit, and how Satan has deprived you of opportunities because of the lack of much-needed financing/funds.
While Telvideo is a business, we believe our clients are sent to us by God. So we've been blessed of God! Now it's our turn to be a Blessing to struggling Musicians and Singers. Together we can do great things for the Lord. Let's put our gifts to work for Him.
If you need more help than what's been offered, don't hesitate to call us. Perhaps, we can work something out.

Here's a short list of songs you might choose from.:
1. Sweet Low Sweet Chariot
2. I Don't Know About Tomorrow
3. On The Wings Of a Dove
4. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
5. Because he lives
6. In The Sweet Bye and Bye
7. The Old Rugged Cross - At The Cross
8. Amazing Grace

Click Here to Hear The Above Tracks.
Copyright Free Music

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304 529 4480 Ask for Bruce
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