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Video Production Services

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Freelance Video Editing
Make your money work for you.
It's working for someone right now. Why not you?

Telvideo & Audio Productions has edited many videos ranging from, corporate, charities, universities and hospital surgical videos. These videos would include the Norfork & Southern Railroad, Saint Mary's Hospital, and hundreds of wedding videos. But shooting and editing The West Virginia Supreme Court, while in session, remains high the list of Telvideo's videos.
Let edit your video today.

1. Editing your video
You've got raw footage. It looks great, and the audio sound is perfect too. It will look great on your website, social media, and in marketing campaigns. But integrating it is your problem because you can't find an experienced and focused freelance editor who is ready to transform your raw footage into a final product that you'll be proud to show off to the world. Our video editors are experienced, focused, and are always ready to please their clients with outstanding video production.

2. Getting your videos to us.
You can get your video to us in a number of ways. You can ship your video to us by FedEx or UPS. If you wish, you may drop video off at our office. We can make other special arrangements by phone. Note: Your original videos will NEVER leave the office where you dropped them off or sent them..

3. Returning your finished Video
When your video is complete, we'll ship your finished video and raw footage to you by physical mail. Or, if you wish, we may call you and set a pickup date and time at your convenience. Lastly, we may upload your video to youtube and give you the private address for your download.

Please contact us for answers to all your questions.
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