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Jingle Production & Creation
A Jingle can carry you to the next level..

Everyone has heard Jingles on Radio and Television. These short bits of music or vocal rhythms get our attention. They draw our attention to a subject or a product that a manufacturer wants us to buy. And of course, they are looking for customers to patronize their business. That's right. They're looking you. And they want you to remember their jingle, so the next time you're passing by their product on a grocery shelf, you'll remember their little jingle and buy their product. It's just that simple.

We're all subjected to impulse buying. And, as a rule, because a Jingle has the ability to remain in our short-term memory for a long time, it gets the job done. Phone numbers are even sung as jingles to help us to remember them too.

Everyone admits that Jingles, rhythms, and the sounds of music help us to remember various types of facts such as phone numbers, address, products, ideas, and services..
Remember when you sang your a,b,cs'? Did it not help you to remember them? That was probably our first encounter with Jingles.

So, you don't have to be some whiz kid to know that Jingles work. All you need to know is someone who can create a Jingle for you.

Telvideo & Audio Productions would be highly honored to produce and record a jingle for your product, idea or service. We would like nothing better than to create a jingle that would increase your revenue so that expanding your business would become a pleasure and not a struggle.

If you would like to learn more about our services or get an estimate: Click on Contact US below or just call 304 529 4480.

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