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Photo Restoration:
Let us RestoreYour Photo.

See Before & After.
Telvideo is a leader in the art of photo restoration, and bringing photos back to their original beauty, for over 25 years, has become their team's passion. Over the years, Telvideo has built lasting relationships with its clients. The smiles on faces when a photo is completed and given to the owner would be payment enough if the company could stay in business without money.
Still, no one has been able to match the combination of our proven experience, high quality, fast service, and low cost. Come and Join our family. We'll guard your treasures as though they're ours until you've got them back safe in your hands. Note: Your original prints will never be damaged. You will receive them back with your restored images.

Please note: We gave the after photo the background from earler photo that was shot during the same shoot.
We'll restore your photograph by replacing/fixing the background, removing cracks, stains, objects, and people. Then we will get them to you in one of three ways. For Charges See Below:
$30.00 is our initial charge for restoring a photograph. In the event, however, it takes longer, the charge is 30.00 per hour. We can generally, make an estimate and stick to it.

Three methods to receive your finished order:
1. Download from internet = Free
2 & 3 Requires a shipping and handeling fee:
2. Recieve all Photos on a Flash Dive/Thumb Drive = $10.00. All photos here are automatically sized.
3. Recieve all photos printed = Only $7.00 per Sheet
One 8 x 10 = 1 Sheet
One 5 x 7 & Four Wallets = 1 Sheet
Two 5 x 7 = 1 Sheet
Four 3 x 5 = 1 Sheet
Nine Wallets = 1 Sheet

All orders will be completed within 10 working days from the date your order is received.
Payment must accompany each order.
We accept checks and money orders.
For more information: Please Call us at 304 529 4480.

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