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Radio Commercials
Commercials for the Web, Youtube, Television, and Radio, all for one price.
Some people think that Radio Broadcasting is going by the wayside. Well, don't try telling that to the millions of people who drive their cars to work every day listening to the news, music or to their favorite radio programs. Some have turned their radios to a radio station that broadcast television news and weather such as WCHS. They stream the Weather, Sports, and News over the radio airwaves. If TV Stations like WCHS, didn't believe that this would generate profits for them, they wouldn't put their money into radio at all. So, you have to conclude, it must be working for them or they would stop.
This could be a lesson for those of us who are wanting to expand and reach to new clients and bring profits to a maximum. Yet, some of us are frightened, when it comes to the overall cost of advertising. Just remember, you didn't get as far as you have by not sacrificing and taking risks. Risk has always been in a business man's nature. We gamble on the belief, "we can do it"!
Years ago, before television, there was only radio. Today, However, we have TV and the Web too. So managing our funds have become even more important We have to watch where we put every penny. What if you could find a company that could help you take advantage of all three of these broadcasting areas with one stroke. What if you could make one commercial to fit all these and only pay once. Wouldn't that be maximizing your cash flow?
Prices start at:
If WCHS TV can stream their audio over the radio airwaves you can too. Here at Telvideo you can create a TV Commercial and radio commercial at the same time. Then air them on Television, Youtube, Web, and the Radio. It is possible to create all three. All we have to do is copy the audio track so it will fit the time slot for the radio. Note: Either way there will only be one charge, and we will never overcharge for copies. Plus, you will always have our blessings to use your Commercial anywhere you like.
For more information: Please Call us at 304 529 4480.

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