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Copyright free Music The Rapture a Divine Escape - Book #1 Amazing Grace Ministries

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Free Recording Oppertunity
Free 4 Hour Tracking Session
Can't see where your future's going?
"And the Beat Goes On!"
We live in a land of opportunity! Record your Gospel music at Telvideo and get access to world markets. We'll get you the exposure you've been searching for and boost your songs to the next level. Our home has always been in the beautiful, God-given, land of the United States of America!.

Once you've Recorded at Telvideo, Digital distribution is available to all our Christian Artists. Our pricing makes that possible. We'll begin distributing your songs to all the online digital services listed below, for only seven dollars each. Your music will be available to all your fans and to millions more from around the world. Millions could be listening to your music stream and be able to purchase your songs from anywhere on earth..

"FaceBook, YouTube, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Itunes, Napster, Juno, Amazon Music, Spotify, SHAZAM, Emusic, Anghami, Beatport, Digital, Tidal, DEEZER, and Cd Baby"

For those who want to record and are struggling with copyright permissions, we can help in that area and get those permissions in most cases. But we have copyright free music tracks available for as little as $25.00ea. All they need is your improvisation to make them outstanding, and if we don't have what you like, we'll create tracks that will fit your singing style.

Maybe your Music is already reaching out into the world. What about creating a video, so your fans can see you perform? We'll produce an outstanding video, just like your music track and upload it to Facebook, Youtube, and more.

Send us your vocal track and we will add a music track to it for your inspection. If it fits your singing style, we'll master it and send it to you on a flash drive, CD, or Email.

**Please Note: All recordings, photos and graphics are owned and are copyright protected by Telvideo until they have been purchased by the Artist, Agent, or any other redeeming party etc.... All Artist may purchase a leased music track from Telvideo for $450.00, or they can continue to lease tracks for a $15.00 or $25.00-dollar yearly fee. Note:The 25.00 yearly fee, allows Artists to make their own copies. To buyout Music Videos, clips, video stills-shots, and graphics, please contact us for a quote.

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