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Photo/Slide-Scanning Service
Remember smiling at your memories?

Good Memories are hard to come by.
Photos/Slide Scanning:
It's time to get your photographs out of your boxes and closets, and back from your family, friends & neighbors before they've all degraded to the point that they are lost forever. We'll Scan a new breath of life into them, so you can truly enjoy them as you did when you first saw them.

Scanning is the easy part.
Choosing which ones is the....

See 0ur Prices below.
Photos: $0.29ea. Min fee $29.00 = 100 photos any size up to 8 X 10.
Slides: $0.39ea.: Min fee $39.00 = 100 slides.
We will scan them to your media for free. But you must supply the media - Thumb Drive, CD, Flash Drive, etc...
Media can be purchased from $4.00 to $10.00ea unless you supply your media such as listed above.
NOTE: We will crop your photos, if desired for free, to eliminate any white borders or jagged edges. Anything else is considered as editing. The Charge is $39.00 per hour.
Here's how you can get your photos/slides to us.
1. Gather all your photos, negatives and slides to be scanned and included on your Media.
2. Indicate the order your photos are to be scanned. Write a number on the back of each photo in light pencil .1-2-3. If you include negatives or slides, include a note indicating their order. Say you want your slide to come after number 2. Label it 2a and so on. Do the same for any photos you forgot to include in the first set of numbers.
3. Provide a title for your CD ... For example, Brian's Birthday, Julie's First Year. This title will appear on the CD, & Case Label.
4. Indicate which photo you would like on the CD CASE by your number on the back.
5. All your scans will be done in jpeg format. If you would like them in another format, please let us know.
6. NOTE: 6% sales tax is not included, and we allow on 400 scans per CD disc.

Send your photos/slides and information to:
Telvideo & Audio Productions
231 Heritage Drive
Huntington WV 25704
Our return shipping Fee is $15.00.

If you live in the Huntington West Virginia area, you could drop them off to our office at the address above. But please call first to make an appointment. As soon as we receive your order, we will contact you. When your photos, negatives, and slides have been transferred, you will be contacted for payment. Once your payment has cleared, everything will be returned by FedEx with your Photo CD or other media.
That's it!

For more information: Please Call - 304 529 4480.

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