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Sports Promotional Video
If all your senior Moms' get together, we'll create a Highlight Video from your athlete's Coaches Video & their Videos. Thank you for listening to the old fashion music. We Just thought it would be fun.
A highlight video could be the least expensive investment in your athlete's future.
We'll put together a highlight video with all the best shots from your athletes the completed season.
Sports Promotion
Videos for Success

Please remember Telvideo & Audio Productions, of Huntington West Virginia, when it's time to promote your athlete for a sports scholarship. We'll help you to produce a Promotional Video that will stand out from the hundreds that are sent to coaches every year.

Creating videos that coaches will respond to in a positive manner, has always been the goal of Telvideo's editors. It's a must that a Spectacular sports video be put together for high school students. We'll be on your athlete's team until a full scholarship is landed in a well-placed collage. That's our finish line.

Success is what we want, and we know that Success only comes at the conclusion of long hours and hard work. And we also know that others can make a difference when they share the long hours to help others become successful. Our Joy comes when we see those working hard stand in the winner's circle or be accepted to a prestigious college and awarded a full scholarship.

Here's how we might be able to help.
It seems like everyone has a cell phone these days, and they're all shooting photos and video with them every day. Perhaps, that's what you're doing for your athlete this sports season. But, once your camera is full, what then? Naturally, you have to download everything to another computer, but burning your game videos to a DVD could be a problem for some people. Why not start bringing your video to Telvideo and cut out the shots you don't want and keep all those shots that a coach might be looking for in a prospective player.

Your Highlight video can be ready by the end of the sporting season. So you'll have your video copies ready to send to Scouts, Coaches and to colleges.

Look at the fig below. Here's how to make your video outstanding. If you shoot the season this way, coaches won't have to squint to see a play.
Please don't hold your cell-phone in the portrait position...


Or you'll see a video like this, and you could miss an important shot.

Please hold your cell-phone in the landscape position with the battery to your right. You'll have no Black Bars, and your video will play as expected.
If you are planning to use our services you can be a great help to us if you follow the simple instructions below.

Once you have recorded your video, please use a sheet of paper, and
1. Give the name of the athlete's school in the video
2. Give your team's colors
3. Give the date of the game.
4. Give The name of the opponents school
5. As you play the video on your phone,
6. Make a list of when the play starts. Use the time number on the phone's video player.
7. Describe the play - touch down, first down, defensive, or offensive play etc.

Please Note:
You may use our Pay-As-You-Go program if you are a single parent. You'll get to see the results of the edits weekly before you pay us anything.

Don't forget, if we can get enough orders for the completed seasons' highlight video, it may only coast thirty dollars per video. And it could be only twenty-five dollars if everyone downloads it from Youtube. All payments must be made before the upload begins. Please contact us for any information. --
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