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Still Photography:
Let us capture that

special moment..
Photography is an art. It demands that the photographer be aware of the shoot surroundings. For instance, if the lighting is wrong, then, the whole shoot could be a waste of time. Sure, I have been told many times, "we can fix them back at the studio." Let me ask just one question. If you dented your car, can it ever be fixed like new? Well, that's, exactly, why after 25 years in business, we leave nothing to chance. We want our cameras to be set just right. Yes, there will be things we'll see and change back in the studio. But, when we make these changes, they'll enhance your photographs - we will not be fixing them.
We understand that your photographs are going to be treasured for a long time and that they may be the only reminders of happier days. So shouldn't they be captured by a professional who really understands the real meaning of photography?

Pricing Details:
Having Your portraits made is a tradition. This can be the most exciting time in your life. So it's important, not only for you, but for your family, friends, and colleagues to be provided the very best service possible. At Telvideo, we provide the portraits everyone expects. They're captured in a fresh and contemporary style giving you the freedom to choose what's important to you. We do our most creative work on-location. We'll come to you, and shoot at your location. Because we believe this opens up countless possibilities for capturing a one-of-a-kind image that will be very special to you.

Session Fees:
The session fee covers photographers time for the session, processing of the images, gallery creation, and image uploading. Prints and other products are purchased separately.

SESSION #1 - $85.00
For those who want spectacular photographs for a small amount of money, Choose our Basic one-hour Session Package. Minimum purchase - $90.00 Plus $0.40per Mile

SESSION #2 - $150.00
Our two-hour session gives you more time to have fun and be creative. Minimum purchase - $90.00 Plus $0.40per Mile

SESSION #3 - $340.00
This Package Session is for a more serious person who's looking to become a Model. The session is geared for the absolute best photographs that this person is able to exhibit. It may take several shots to get the very best photographs. It includes 4 hours of on-location photography that may include morning and evening shots. Minimum purchase - $200.00 Plus $0.40per Mile.
All pricing starts at $90.00.
For more information about our sessions, pricing and products, CONTACT US TODAY. Pricing is subject to West Virginia 7% sales tax. All Prices are subject to change without notice and are final. Please Note: All purchased prints belong to the client. Telvideo holds no Copyright on purchased prints unless noted on your billing receipt. For more information: Please Call us at 304 529 4480.

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