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Video Production Services

Television Commercials YouTube Marketing Commercials Industrial Training Video Music Video Production Legal Video Production Wedding Video Production Church Event Production Theatrical Play Production Sports Promotional Video VHS/8mm Film/Transfer. Freelance Video Editing Video Duplication Video Graphics Video Logo Design

Audio Production Services:

Studio Recording Radio Commercials Karaoke Recording Jingle Creation Audio Editing Audio Transfer Audio Duplication

Photography Services:

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Recording Studio:
Studio Time:
$39.95per hr. Includes set-up.
Don't want to finance? Why not record one hour a day, week or a month until your project is finished. Telvideo will work with your schedule night and day. We'll get your project out, and it will sound just like you Imagined.

Mixing & Editing:
$30.00 per hr. (Includes engineer)
Here, we will pay meticulous attention to every sound, syllable, and volume level that is being recorded. We will add reverb, compression, and equalization (eq) so that the volume is at its maximum without any distortion.

Mastering Your Disc:
During this phase, we will add more compression and limiting to bring the lower level audio up to a level that can be heard. We will make each track sound level balance with the tracks before and after it. If you want your Master containing all your independent tracks. The cost for your digital Master on a flash drive is $400.00.

Studio Musicians:
We have a number musicians. Some musicians "read" music, some play by "ear", and some "chart". Keep in mind, that all musicians don't play all types of music. Thus, Telvideo will assist you in finding the right musician for your project. Anyone working on a project at Telvideo will have no problem with their final results. We will be more than happy to quote you a price on studio musicians based on your needs and budget.

Back-Up Vocals:
Telvideo only uses backup-vocals who have been singing for a number of years. This means they'll save you time and money by creating the harmony needed for your project.

Telvideo is able to create a master, even if the vocals and music were recorded in different areas of the country. Once the music and vocal tracks are laid down, it's no problem for Telvideo to overdub a completely new instrument or vocal track. We may even replace a single word on a track.

Words to Music:
OK, a song has been written; but, now all that's needed is the music to make the song come alive. Telvideo is able to give support here too. We will find Musicians who will make it all come together.

Duplication & Packaging:
Our minimum order is 100 CDs.

#NOTE: If you record at Telvideo That makes you one of us. Therefore, if you sing, play an instrument, or write lyrics. You may be called if someone records at our studio and needs your talent or talents for their project.

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For more information: Please call us at 304 529 4480.

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