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Training Video Prod
Your employees can do this too.
This Training Video was shot by CSX employees
and edited by Telvideo.
What's your Organization doing in the way of training your employees? Do they have access to training videos? Can they view them on their own time or in a special location you've provided? When you think about it, you have to admit this could be a great savings advantage for your business.

Who uses Training Video in their Organizations: Norfolk & Southern Railroad, The Red Cross, McDonald's Restaurants, prisons for intake and healthcare organizations. The List could go on... These organizations know the way you train your new employees is very important. They know great training will enable them to do a great job, and they also know it will help them to retain what has been taught in the training session.

Recent Studies have shown that when new employees are adequately trained from the start, they'll feel more confident about doing their jobs, and they'll stay longer doing the same job.

So, the question remains, what are you doing in your organization to give your employees the training they need to make themselves and your business more successful?

Telvideo & Audio Productions would like to make the below suggestions.
We believe the suggestions below will virtually eliminate all the major costs, associated with: time constraints, scheduling client meetings, missed phone calls. Well, you get the picture.
Why not reserve those costs for Company Parties and have fun or make use of them as more profit.
Here are a few types of Videos that have been proven to be successful.
Video #1: This video could be shot without a class setting or shot where the speaker covers the same ground as he/she would cover in a class setting. (This would be a lecture setting without the class or your employees!)

Video #2: This video could be shot in many different locations in and around your organization. It may contain general operation procedures about your organization. It may also contain the procedure to operate a machine or the way you/your organization desires certain tasks to be completed. (This video may use your employees on camera and some voice-over talent from our staff.)

Video #3 Note: If Hollywood video quality is not important, but the message is, you may have some of your employees shoot various portions of the video and let us edit it to tell your story. We'll guide them through the procedure - the same way we did for NORFOLK and SOUTHERN Railroad. They ended up paying us just under $1500.00 for a thirty-minute video.

Again, Who uses Training Video in their Organizations? Norfolk & Southern Railroad, The Red Cross, McDonald's Restaurants, prisons for their intake, and healthcare organizations use training videos.

How about you?
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