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Video Production Services

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Photography Services:

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Photo Video Film Transfer & Restoration Service
We'd be honored to Preserve your treasured memories.
We'll care for them as if they are our own.
Photo Video Film Transfer Service
Restoring & Transfering Home Videos, Camcorder Tapes, Film and Slides to DVD/CD is not complicated, and there is no expensive equipment needed. Simply Contact us, and then sit back and enjoy your memories on a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc or on a flash drive.

Transfer all your VHS Cassette tapes to DVD for just $12.50 per Hr.
There is a Min fee of $25.00.
Compile your VHS Cassette tapes to equal approximately 2hrs on one DVD.
Just add $4.00 per, additional, Cassette tape.
Maximum: Run time 2 hours per DVD.
We transfer these Formats:
VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, 8mm Video Tape, & Mini DV tape.
Broken Video Cassette or tape:.
Repair and Cassette Case replacement: $17.00.

Transfer Movie Film To DVD.
$0.14 per foot.
Formats: 8mm, Super 8, & 16mm film

Don't leave your Photo & Slides looking like this!
We Transfer: 35mm slides with cardboard or plastic mounting only.
Photos: Any size up to 8 X 10. Maximum: 500 slides/photos per CD.
Call for your free Quote.



Photo Restoration:
Restore Your Photographs.
Make them ready for framing,
Retouching is only $39.00 per hour.

All the stains are gone!

Movie Film To DVD - Order Form - Under Construction - $0.14 per foot . Formats: 8mm, Super 8, & 16mm film Please contact us for any information. --
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