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Wedding Video Productions
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Please hold your cell-phone in the landscape position with the battery to your right...
Even though we still have cameras and shoot Hollywood style weddings, we have found it to be much more fun and less expensive for the bride and the groom to have their family, friends, and co-workers to use their cell phones to shoot the bride and groom's wedding.After all, most quests are going to shoot photos and video anyway. Why not use them? Your video could be a collective gift from all your guests.

We know Hollywood videos will probably look much better if they're recorded right. But they will all lack the love that only friends and family can bring to your Wedding Video.

You might be hesitant about asking those who've come to witness your wedding to take on this responsibility because this is a very special day for you, and what if they miss a shot. Well, the same question can be asked of professional photographers. There are millions of videographer and photographers around the world who would say after their wedding shoot. "How did I miss that shot?"

Below is a list of shots that are important during any wedding and a way you can advise someone to shoot them. Just a note: If your guest has a cell phone with an SD-Card, it should be used instead of the phone's memory.

Let us to be the first to congratulate you.
I. Before Wedding Shots:
Remember to have everyone hold their camera steady or use steady-shot in their cameras. These shots could be:
1. The proposal - the bride receiving her engagement-ring.
2. Shopping for wedding apparel
3. The Bridal Shower and her gifts.
4. The Bachelor Party.
5. The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

II. Before Shots on the Wedding Day.
1. The Wedding Party arriving at the Church
2. Some video/photos of the Wedding Party putting their final touches on their dress, Particularly the Bride and Groom etc.
3. During the wedding.
4. As the music begins to play the Groom enters and takes his place with the Minister and his Groomsmen.
5. As the music continues, the Mothers enter. They may light candles before being seated.
6. Then the Bridesmaids enter. Sometimes the Groomsmen will escort them and then take their place if they haven't already come in with the Minister.
7. Usually when the Bridal March begins to play the visitors stand. Someone should plan for this shot it's easily missed.
8. During the exchanging of vows, two cameras should be used. One should be on the right and the other on the left. Once they
begin shooting they should not turn their cameras off because we will need to sync them together later.
9. Someone should plan to get their first kiss.
10. The same two cameras on the left and right should shoot the Bridal Party and guest leaving. The Mothers will leave first after the Bridal party.

III. The Reception
11. The Bridal Party's entrance -they are escorted by groomsmen and their names announced by the DJ.
12. Once, The Bridesmaids & Groomsmen's have taken their place around the dance floor, the Bride and Groom are announced and make their way to the dance floor as everyone stands.
13. The First Dance - The Bride and Groom.
14. The Second Dance - Father and the Brides.
15. The Third Dance - The Groom and Mother dance.
16. The Bride and the Groom along with the Wedding party are served dinner or are first in line to their meal. Then everyone else follows.
17 Once dinner is over the DJ begins playing dance music. Everyone joins in.
18. Once everyone has had a chance to dance, The DJ Will announce the cutting of the cake.
19. A toast will be given by the Best-man. The Bridesmaid may give a toast too.
20. The bride and Groom cut the cake and feed each other.
21. Dancing continues
22. Sometime near the conclusion of the Reception, the Bridal flower bouquets may be tossed. This may have been done from the church's steps. Someone should make plans for this shot.
23. Sometimes there is the garter removal and toss. Someone should plan for this shot.
24. Finally, birdseed or rice is tossed upon the Bride and Groom as they exit the Reception.

Right now, you're probably scratching your head and saying this is too complicated. I can't get all these people to shoot my wedding day.
Do you remember the throwaway cameras that were put on all the tables at Receptions years ago so the wedding guests could take photos during the reception? Good! You don't have to buy those cameras anymore because it seems like everyone has a cell phone. Aren't you lucky?

Don't forget most of these shots we've listed will be taken by someone without you ever asking them. And because of the quality of the video on the cell phones today, you could end up with a treasure you'll never forget from your friends, family, and co-workers. But the amazing thing is they'll probably be sharing them with you anyway. Why not pick the best shots and bring them to Telvideo and let us help you create the most valuable video you'll ever have.

We've been Editing Wedding Videos ever since 1984, and now, because of cell-phone video, we have taken Wedding Videography to the next level. It's always been apparent that wedding packages do not always fulfill the Bride and Grooms Needs. So we have added editing cell phone video to our list of Wedding Videography. Wedding Ceremonies, Rehearsal Dinners, and Honeymoon Videos can all be Edited into one movie for as little as $495.00. Plus tax. The above price includes Editing and downloading your finished movie onto one flash drive or onto one DVD. For those who don't have the cash - ask about our Pay-As-You-Go program. This is one sure way to get what you pay for.

Contact us today. Your Wedding Video is waiting.

Please hold your cell-phone in the landscape position with the battery to your right...
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